patPat Baillie – Board President

California born, Pat Baillie is a retired Air Force Major and a trainer by profession. Her work with the LGBTQ Community and Diversity are highlights of her career. On the leather side, she was Ms San Jose Leather 1995 and then IMsL 1995. She worked to build community through LeatherWomen United, Albuquerque Pride, Consent Counts and producing Rio Grande Leather in Albuquerque, NM. She is the current Board President of the IMsL Foundation focusing on women’s leadership development, digitizing our history and creating quality education. She is a boy at heart and is in service to Lady Sharrin.

BeckieBeckie Bowen – Treasurer

Beckie is very proud to say that she was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She simultaneously came out as leather and as a dyke, and has been active in the leather community for about 25 years. Daddy, Sir, Owner, Top Sadist, and Science Geek, Beckie identifies as all of them! She also identifies more as masculine than feminine, however, she does her best to embody the best qualities of both, and is comfortable with whichever set of pronouns people are most comfortable using.

Beckie is a Scientist by education, and has had a long work history in Finance and Customer Satisfaction. She was Founder and President of the first Lesbian Sorority at San Jose State University. Overcoming lack of support from one of the leading diversity specialists who told Beckie that she could never get a group of lesbians to work together…Beckie did it anyway. She has volunteered for countless Leather events over her 25 years in the community. She has been in key lead roles at events such as IMsL, Northwest Leather Celebration, and Folsom Fringe, in addition to being on the Board of smOdyssey as Treasurer. Beckie is currently the Director of Registration and Finance for the IMsL/IMsBB Weekend and Board member for the PRIDE Diversity Network in her day job at one of the top Fortune 500 companies.

Beckie is looking forward to beginning a new chapter of community involvement by joining the Board of the IMsL Foundation. She is planning to not only help preserve our history…but to hopefully have a little fun while we make more of it!

Julie Spanks – Secretary

Passionate pervert, dynamic Daddy’s grrl, community-minded Leather Woman and femme Top collared and married to her husbutch, Dr Evil.  Julie has been kinky before she even knew it was a thing and when she finally found community in 2004 she dove right into the deep end. A successful dungeon owner of seven years, heavily involved in the Portland community and Leather Leadership, Julie relocated 4 years ago to the Great City of Salt to be closer to her Daddy, Dr Evil, where she happily lives a 24/7 lifestyle.

Board member and President of the Portland Leather Alliance, 2009-2011
Educational Director for Kinkfest, 2011 & 2012
Oregon Leather Woman of the Year 2011, Blackout Leather Productions
Owner and Proprietress of the dungeon formerly known as The Conservatory

Tony Mayes – Board Member

Tony is a queer identified switch-Daddy who lives in Tulsa, OK, where he’s been active in the local & regional Leather/Kink community since 2007. He currently serves as Education Coordinator for the IMsL Foundation, and is an Alumni member of the Tulsa Uniform & Leather Seekers Association (T.U.L.S.A.).

He has had the privilege of judging, tallying, judges-boy’ing, and den-staffing at numerous Leather events, and helped produce the Oklahoma Mr. Leather contest weekend from 2008-2014. He was also awarded the Pantheon of Leather award for the South Central region in 2015.

Tony is a lover of cats, bootblacks, and facilitating shenanigans for friends & family. He enjoys traveling to Leather/kink events across the country, awkwardly flirting with people along the way.

Ms V – Board Member

Pony – Board Member

Pony is IMsBB 2009, and a librarian for a small liberal arts college. Pony holds an MDiv and a MLIS and has served as the chair of the Over the Rainbow Book List (a curated list of fiction and nonfiction books for LGBTQ+ readers) for the American Library Association. Her board area of emphasis is history and preservation.
Pony is queer, hard of hearing, and uses a service animal for her PTSD.

GirlComplex, IMsL 2017 – Board Member

Elisa, IMsBB 2017 – Board Member

Elisa is your 2017 International Ms. Bootblack, 2016 Great Lakes Bootblack and 2015 Michigan Community Bootblack and is a founder of the Detroit Area Bootblacks’ Laboratory. She is a member of the gender-inclusive Michigan Band of Brothers and holds leadership positions in the Board of Education, a kinky, pansexual educational organization in metro Detroit. She is a past judge of the 25th anniversary of International Mr. Bootblack and International Pup/Trainer. She educates as well as bootblacks. She is the co-host of Fevered Nights, a play party that is only serious about not being serious.

She is a radical sexual outlaw who disdains hierarchy who is best described as a contrarian leather anarchist. She is a body positive, polyamorous feminist. She is a fuzzy femme piglet who demands authentic and intimate relationships that involve degradation, objectification and pain, done with love and affection.

Jen Laws – Board Member

Jen Laws is an independent policy consultant and advocate specializing in various aspects of public health policy and focusing on the needs of the HIV Affected and Transgender communities. With a fiery drive, he is deeply passionate about approaching spaces of sexual freedom advocacy that are typically “sanitized” in academia from a place of expanding meaningful access to sexual health/reproductive justice as a peer first. “The work we do dictates how people live, love, fuck, and die. It is incumbent upon us to ‘bleed’ some of ourselves into this work if we are to achieve the Justice we so trumpet.

Tyesha Best – Board Member

Tyesha Best is a Queer, Femme, Poly, Switch flourishing within her Leather Community for over 10 years now.  Her pronouns are her, hers, she and they.  She started in online chat rooms before taking her interests offline while going to school for Music.  She has done community work for TNG, NLA-Dallas, Fresh Leather, NLA-I, WILL, WILF, Beyond Vanilla, Gender Odyssey, Onyx Pearls and many other organizations.


Tyesha works tirelessly as cheerleader and advocate for marginalized populations, Bootblacks, and the girl identity.  Currently, Tyesha is currently Media Director of IML Inc, one of very few women to   wear the Wingman as a back patch.  She is also Asst.  Editor in Chief of   She also holds a Pantheon Of Leather award for the Florida Region and a winner of the NLA-International’s Steve Maidhof Award for her community involvement Internationally.  Tyesha is also an Onyx Pearl and an avid fan and support of both Onyx and Onyx Pearls and enjoys spending time with her siblings.


Tyesha believes in intersectional activism and involves herself in LGBTQIA   as well as BIPOC advancement frequently using her leadership roles and education opportunities.  Tyesha currently resides in Wilton Manors, Florida, enjoying   her career as a flight attendant and is in a loving family including Sir Kirk Rubén, Alpha William Ferkel.

Non-Voting Board members:

Sharrin Spector
Sharrin SpectorLiaison from IMsL Productions
Sharrin Spector found the leather community in Seattle. Sharrin has been active in the BDSM/Leather community for the last 20+ years. She was one of the organizers of the first lesbian BDSM conference, Powersurge, held in in Seattle in 1992. Her passions for blood, rattan canes and being on the receiving end of excellent service moved her into being a much requested educator and player. Sharrin has taught for numerous organizations including Black Rose, Thunder in the Mountains, Dark Odyssey and IMsL. She supported the Bay area community through Pierce Ink, her body modification shop, for 20+ years. She began working on IMsL staff with Generation 3 (2006). She became Executive Producer of IMsL Productions, LLC that hosts the weekend in 2013. When not traveling, she lives in a non-traditional “poly-cule” in Oakland, CA and married her boy, pat in 2014. She creates an incredible party for 800 of her closest friends and remind us all why we love what we do!
Butch Prandium
Butch PrandiumPeople of Color Liaison
Butch Prandium is a proud native Chicagoan currently living on the North Side. She is a co-founder of the Women’s Cruise Night at Touche, in order to help foster an atmosphere where women can feel comfortable to cruise and play within a charged Leather space. As a “Labia Contributor” for the Illinois Eagle and the Great Lakes Den, Butch provides coverage on events and topics for the Chicagoland area and Midwest Region. She is proud to be a founding Board member for the Leather History Preservation Foundation, whose primary mission is to preserve the leather tradition of oral history. As a butch woman and woman of color, she values focus on gender identity and race relations within the leather community.
slave tabitha
slave tabithaTrans Women Co-Liaison
slave tabitha met her one and only Master over fourteen years ago and has never looked back! she is Southwest Leather Bootblack 2009 and International Ms Bootblack (IMsBB) 2015. slave tabitha is the first transgender woman to earn the title in a 30 years of International Ms Leather (IMsL) organization.
MaraAccessibility Liaison
Mara is a queer femme with a longstanding interest in accessibility and disability issues. She has taught classes on sexuality in a healthcare context and disability in a kink context. As a temporarily able-bodied person, she recognizes the importance of stepping back, listening, and doing what she can to facilitate access for everyone. Mara has been active with Black Rose in Washington, DC since her entry in the scene; she previously served as a TNG coordinator and is currently working with communications and orientation of new kinksters.
LucaTrans Women Co-Liaison
JewelUnder 35 Liaison
DeniseSilent Auction Coordinator
LynnWeb Ma'am