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IMsL 1987 – Judy Tallwing McCarthy

1987judytallwing1987 – A Native American from the White Mountain Reservation in Arizona, Judy was selected as the first International Ms Leather 1987. During the past year she has done an exceedingly fine job and taken great pleasure in representing leatherwomen. She is proud to be a judge at this year’s contest and has found the concept and purpose of IMsL to be very worthwhile.
[Ed. note: this bio is from 1988 when Judy served as a judge]

judy20102010 – Originally from the state of Arizona, Judy Tallwing McCarthy has a long-term history of political and social activism. Mother of six biological children, and now a grandmother, she participated in the early beginnings of N.O.W and the ERA movement. Her early love of painting continued to develop throughout her life, and today Judy is a recognized and accomplished fine Native American artisan. The Heard Museum in Arizona and the Smithsonian both house early paintings of Judy’s and the Smithsonian also has in it’s collection various documents with her signature from the political arena documenting the beginning of the women’s movement. Having raised numerous leatherkids throughout her years, she currently is “Daddy” to “Dandelion Dog Rescue Services” a no-kill animal rescue she established in 1995. To her joy, the leather community has been extremely supportive of the 501c3 non-profit shelter and for that she is extremely grateful.