IMsL – Shan Carr

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Written Today from my speeches during the year: Shann Carr is 23 and the 2nd IMsL. She is an aspiring comedian who hopes her jokes will help raise funds and educate the public about the prevention and progress against HIV. She's adamant that men and women need to be in this fight together and that leather people of every perversion need to dish out as much respect and tolerance as we hope to receive. [Ed note: no bio in the program book that year].

2010 - 24 years after her title-year Shann Carr remains on the scene with IMsL and the Leather Community Nation-wide. I have never been one to play publicly, but my twisted sense of fun, and sex and politics and relationships and power is still very rooted in a leather mentality. I still do quite a few charity events within the scene and most of my longest relationships have kept me connected to a community I cherish and am proud to represent.

Personally, I traveled the world and back as a headlining comedian for 10 years with Atlantis cruises. I've managed to eek out a living in the gay entertainment industry by augmenting my stand-up by producing videos, and film and live shows. By writing articles and books and booking tours and any other form of media prostitution I could get my hands on. Last year I was voted by Curve Magazine readers among the top 10 Lesbian Comedians in the country. So I guess, whoring myself out has worked for me on a couple of levels!
My next goal is to make my home town of Palm Springs into the media hub for the production of Gay Television.
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