IMsL – Gabrielle Antolovich

1990 Gabrielle Antolovich1990 – Sponsor: Ms Southern California Leatherwoman, Inc.
Ms Southern California Leatherwoman 1989, Gabrielle is a clean and sober leatherwoman who has been involved in leather for 5 ½ years. Originally from Australia, Gabrielle ‘came out’ on national television there in 1972 and was an activist in several movements for women’s rights. In America she has continued this tradition by working in the L.A. Centre for Living, Gay & Lesbian Comm. Serv, Ctr and organizing a new union for poor black and hyspanic women. She is a member of Leather & Lace, Outcasts, Tridents Intl. and Threshold. She spends her free time motorcycling, socializing and raising money for leather organizations.

Gabrielle Antolovich - 20102010 – Since 1990 my life has expanded exponentially. I think a lot about the issues I see in our community and how we use language to describe who we are and what we do. I have noticed that the grounded Master, Dominant, Top has no need to demand power, and the slave, submissive, bottom can be in charge of major events or companies without losing their ability to yield. I am also still clean and sober since 1978, and think a lot about how teenagers are influenced by what adults do regarding substance use issues. They are influenced not just by the individuals they see, but also the adult world of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana advertising, what’s on television and portrayals in the movies, availability in their neighborhood or on Spring Break or even in their own home. They listen to political debates and what the rich and famous do, and so the beat goes on. And I am inspired by the young people who do not follow, but think for themselves and become influential leaders themselves. I teach and mentor, and I am teachable and have mentors. I love attending classes, workshops and conferences. I have my heroes and those who I respect. I also learn a lot from those who are relatively new to the scene – I love their enthusiasm and new-joy wisdom that comes with discovering a new aspect about oneself. I am inspired by the progress we are making in the mainstream world, the DSMV, the respectful depiction in television series, and some amazing photo shoots in magazines. I love Madonna, I love Billy Idol, I love fashion – I am a glamour butch – come to IMsL and you’ll see. I love our community and the wisdom we are collecting as we share our thoughts, difficulties, hearts and experiences with each other. I have so many interests and I like to do a good job; so I join different committees and do a particular job, usually a relatively small one and do it as well as I can. I have coordinated the demos and emceed them at Venus’ Playground at Folsom Street Fair, am helping pitch tents in dungeons promoting the Leather Levi Weekend (LLW), am the Chief Ambassador for Leather Alley at San Francisco Gay Pride, have been the contestant coordinator for the Ms San Francisco Leather contest, a judge for the Northwest Leather Celebration, DM at parties at the Citadel, demoed at the Exiles, do whatever I can at IMsL, have been on the clean-up crew for the Leather Alliance holiday dinner, vacuumed after dungeon parties, and emceed events in bars like Renegades in San Jose, at conferences or anywhere you need an impromptu energetic container for an event.