IMsL – Blair

1992 Blair1992 – Ms. San Francisco Leather 1992, Blair was also first runner up as S.F. Dyke Daddy ’91-’92 and Ms. Cheeks & Chaps ’91 –’92. A clean and sober sports enthusiast, Blair volunteers her time, talents and energy to a variety of leather and other causes. She has worked on the Shanti Project Auction, with 18th Street Services and Women’s Health Organizations and is assisting in coordination of and fundraising for the 1st African American Lesbian and Gay Conference.
Blair 19922012 – Blair, the 6th IMsL, in now retired after a 30 year career working in-pt psychiatry at several facilities. He transitioned from female to male,beginning in 1997. He identifies as FTM,and chooses to have bigger fish to fry than obsess about gender,race,sexual identity,politics or religion. “My life mission is to help facilitate healing within our Mother Earth…one blade of grass at a time, one animal at a time, and whatever humans I can help. For this process to work well,I must keep a constant healing vigil at my own bedside so to speak,taking extended leaves from modern society for prolonged time in the wilderness. If I don’t keep myself in balance,then,my gifts are of no use to others. I remain proud to have been IMsL-1992, with such a wide array of talent. I will always consider my friends in the Leather community to be among the best…right up there!” Blair Kituhwa