IMsL – Pat Baillie

1995patbailey21995 – pat baillie recently retired from the Air Force and is enjoying being out and visible in the scene. Coming out into leather in Phoenix, Arizona in 1979 with the Phoenix Leather and Levi Club, pat has been active in her kink and been on the edges of the leather scene for years. She now brings all of her experience as a leader, a teacher and project manager into working with the leather community. She holds the title of Ms LeatherMaster 1995 (which became Ms San Jose Leather 1995 just a few days before IMsL 1995). She is proud to be in service as a boy and looks to expand her sevice to the larger community on the national level.

pat baillie2010 – pat baillie found the leather community 30+ years ago through the men’s leather community in Phoenix, AZ. She is a retired military, government contracting, professional gay, educator who has a heart for service and kink! She’s a queer boy who lives with her Lady in a “poly-cule” in the California’s Bay Area. She has been a titleholder including Ms San Jose Leather 1995 and International Ms Leather 1995. She served on the Leather Leadership Conference National Board, and conducted the grassroots survey for Consent Counts. She also produced Rio Grande Leather in New Mexico and has been teaching, judging contests and mentoring for years.