IMsL – Genelle Moore

1997genellemoore1997Sponsor: FLEX (Female Leather Exchange)
Why do you want to be International Ms Leather?
In this society in which we live, people are always willing to take but very seldom are truly willing to give back. I feel that by entering this contest I am stepping up to the plate proclaiming that I am a leather woman worthy of this title. In addition, I truly want to give of myself and my time to further contribute to the tradition and honor of this position. I had the opportunity to watch my brother, Ron Moore, International Mr. Leather 1984 complete his commitment to the leather community. I saw the pride and tenacity that he exhibited as he served the community during the year of his reign. I have that same desire and individual commitment to represent this our Leather Community.

I also bring many positive qualities that will assist me in the completion of my reign. I am friendly, outgoing, cordial and approachable. People who do not know me, find me easy to talk with. I manage people very well and when needed I am not afraid to take charge. I have been a public servant for 14 years; therefore, I am not a stranger to diversity or adversity. I have the ability to bring people together in a very non-threatening manner. I am willing to listen to and consider opinions that differ from my own. However, I do possess my own set of beliefs and opinions that are very deep seated.

Finally, I want to be one of the history makers and history tellers. There have been a number of dedicated brothers and sisters in leather who have moved our leather culture into the forefront of society. From the human struggles prior to the Stonewall revolution, to the current battles that are being waged in the legislatures, it’s now my time to raise the baton, to shout out my commitment and to step forward.