IMsL – Megan (Dejarlais) Martin

1998megandejarlais1998 – I want to be IMsL because: my leather is an essential part of my being.  Because I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the leatherwomen and leathermen who have educated me, supported me, carved paths before me.  Because I care about the future of our leathertribe.  Because as a titleholder, and as IMsL, if I am chosen, I can represent (on a greater scale than I could otherwise) the best of who we are: caring, loyal, honest , sensual, fun, dedicated, sincere, kinky people.  Because I thrive on the challenges life throws to me.  Because I want every kinky person to feel they belong, that they are essential to the future of our community.  Because, it would  be the best year of my life.

megandejarlais2010 – International Ms Leather Megan (DeJarlais) Martin has embraced some new passions in her 40’s.  Although still enjoying old “tastes” at home with her new Sir, she’s found a novel way to satisfy her masochistic tendencies – Roller Derby!  Megan, aka “Midlife Crashes” has been skating with the Omaha Rollergirls for 4 years.  She gives and gets beatings on the track regularly, and every winter gets to whip a batch of new recruits into shape as the Bootcamp Coaching Director.