IMsL – Pam Meyer

1999pammeyer1999 – Sponsored by: Ms. SF Leather, Beth Downey, Uncle Bert’s Place & Worn Out West I feel my experience and my knowledge of what has transpired in my own local community and in my travels to other communities has given me something to pass on to those who are interested in the leather movement, and to hopefully inspire others.

pammeyer2010 – I remember attending the first IMsL contest back in 1987 in San Francisco. It seems like yesterday, but here we are, about to celebrate 25 years. I’ve been a Leather woman for over 30 years. I can remember parking my motorcycle outside Scott’s Bar in San Francisco back in the very early 80’s and feeling like I had found my true calling. I won the title of Ms. Midwest Leather 1992 and went on to IMsL that same year where I placed 1st runner up. I won the title of Ms. SF Leather in 1999 and went on to earn the title of IMsL 99. During my year as IMsL I was able to assist in raising several thousand of dollars for various causes that included AEF (SF), LYRIC (SF), BCEF (SF) WALP (Amsterdam) just to name a few. I was given the honor of judging numerous contests locally and nationally. I was honored to emcee SF Gay Pride’s main stage back in 2000. I was the first IMsL to travel outside of North American during my title year.

Participating in WALP (Women Amsterdam Leather Pride) was an opportunity to increase the visibility of IMsL as well as establish ongoing relationships with European leatherwomen to share information and support.

After 33 years, I’m still working in the construction field. My most recent project involved the conversion of a coal-fired power plant to natural gas. I volunteer with the American Red Cross, working in logistics and emergency response. After a 5-year break from relationships, I hooked up with Shelley, an old flame from many years ago. We bought a house together in Madison in July 2008 and registered as domestic partners in September 2009. Co-parenting Shelley’s 11-year-old daughter Joanna can be challenging at times, but I enjoy teaching her everything from feminist history to how to operate a power drill. We share our home with 3 cats (all strays) 3 fish (courtesy of the local fair) and our very loyal pit/greyhound mix dog (rescued).

My hope is that we all will see another 25 yrs. of IMsL. See you in April!

IMsBB – Leslie Anderson

1999leslieandersonBosque Farms, NM
Sponsor: ABLE Productions and Sandia Leatherwomen & Leathermen

2013 – Long ago and far away, Leslie Anderson made her SPLASH….insert your pun here……..onto the Leather scene. First with the Sandia Leathermen and Leatherwomen, then with the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico. Leslie was Ms New Mexico Leather in 1996, and President and Producer of New Mexico Leather events. In 1997, Leslie became the American Leatherwoman. If that wasn’t enough….Leslie won the 1st International Ms Bootblack in 1999. Nowadays, Leslie resides in Chicago, IL and prefers to call herself the founding member of RIBB (Retired International Bootblack) and slave to her 7 year old African Grey named Chicken. He’s one demanding Top. All year long, Leslie plots and plans for being contestant handler extraordinaire at IML…..and it takes another 12 months to recover from all those fine hunks of Leathermen. When asked what the one thing she knows for sure, the response is, “life is ALWAYS a work in progress…..and when it no longer is… isn’t.”