IMsL – Jo Blas

2000 – Sponsored by Kim Wolf of Leatherwoman Productions
This title would allow me to give back to the leather community on a national level what was given to me freely. Being a titleholder could open many doors and give me the visibility to effect change. I also am doing this for myself, in that, I feel that it brings me full circle on my spiritual path.

IMsBB – Michael Ann

2000michaelann2Colorado Springs, CO
Sponsor: High Plains Leather

2013 – Twenty years ago the Leather community was in the “dark ages” meeting secretively hoping to not get caught. Today, the Leather community is prominent and visible. The “Leather community” continues to be redefined through commitment and tradition.
Commitment comes from the heart. My commitment to the community is as a bootblack and a titleholder. There are times when i just want to stay home and not see any black wax for a week; but it is my commitment to be there for the community.

A community bootblack is rare commodity, many cities do not have them and they rely on events for a bootblack to teach them. A community bootblack is the “heart of Leather”; they are willing to get down on their knees and get their hands dirty. They clean and love the boots, shoes, and person for all their worth. It is an attitude of servitude, bringing an age-old tradition to an individual at that moment in time. i hope communities will rise and start producing bootblacks.

The thought of an old guard Master having to do his/her own boots is unbearable and old guard is a tradition that i recognize and honor. Tradition is a great part of our community; however, tradition has room for growth, which brings in the new guard mentality. Twenty years ago, as a straight fem bootblack, i would not be doing what i am doing today. i am one of many examples who have been accepted in the community not because of their sexual preference but who they are. i am a community bootblack.

We bring old and new guard together with commitment and tradition. We begin to shine together because “we do shine in many different ways”. Let your leather shine through.

yours in leather and boots,
michael ann