IMsL – Tammie

2003tammienelson2003 – Sponsored by: Kendra McClain/Great Lakes Leather Alliance
Why do you want to be IMsL?
The international recognition and reputation of the title would aide in many of my on-going projects and ideas. Becoming IMsL 2003 would be a great benefit to my dreams of bringing fundraisers to a larger, more productive scale, thus allowing the beneficiaries to benefit much more greatly. It would also bring me closer to fulfilling my goal of ‘building bridges’, between each of the sub-communities, which fall under the Leather title. (G.L.B.T.H.).

2010 – Tammie is currently in graduate school working toward furthering her career. Though she isn’t currently active within the community, she plans to make a full return after her graduation.

IMsBB – boi Eddie

03IMsBBjttdsc_0046Sponsor: LA boys of Leather and Bill Mitchell, American Leatherman 2003

boieddie2013 – Boi Eddie, International Ms. BootBlack 2003, has been a member of the Leather community for… has it really been 15 + years? She conducts workshops on her craft and mentors many new bootblacks in both the Leather community and in the pansexual BDSM communities. Eddie has traveled throughout the United States and Canada to numerous events as a representative for both her title and for Southern California. She has helped raise money for numerous charities both in the Southern California region and in various other locations in the United States and Canada and is a member of Mama’s family. Eddie is a teacher and likes nothing more than explaining what it is she is doing and how she learned her craft. Her motto is simply, “It’s GOOD to be the bootblack!”.

Eddie also LOVES her job as a high school Mathematics teacher and is proud to own and use the license plate GEOMTRX She loves to do Math, loves to do boots, and just loves to sit and read when she is given the time.