IMsL – Lori Ellison

2004loriellison2004 – Sponsor: HPL Productions of Colorado
For several years I had a great time in Leather, going to runs and play parties and generally having a good time. After a while I began to feel that I was simply having fun (nothing wrong with that, mind you) but not really contributing to the community. I felt as if I was benefiting from everyone else’s hard work, I want to be International Ms. Leather because I feel it’s time to give back, to make certain that those who will follow me get to have the same sort of experiences that I had. On a personal level, I want to be International Ms. Leather for the adventure of my own growth and learning.

LoriEllisonb2010 – I was IMsL 2004. During my title year, between runs, parades, conferences, meetings and general farting around, I took the sash out for a walk more than 70 times. That year I logged 2,000 hours at my full time job and 3,000 hours being IMsL. I was on a first name basis with the flight crew from the 6:00 a.m. American flight from ABQ to DFW. I remained active for a little more than two years after my official title year ended. I traveled extensively teaching on various leather-related subjects while still managing to squeeze in the odd appearance to do unseemly things to watermelons.

Some time in 2007, I finally packed the title vest carefully into a dresser drawer and decided to “do something” different. I changed jobs, bought a house with some land (and some dairy goats and Shetland sheep), and went back to school to finish my degree. In the spare time I really don’t have, I volunteer with an organization that assists homeless families, and with our city’s Community Emergency Response Team (think city-based disaster relief). The pace of life here isn’t necessarily slower, but the rhythm is certainly different. It’s a far cry from the title circuit, but it’s no less hectic. Between work, school, the occasional volunteer gig and tending to my mini-farm, there’s not a lot of time for play these days – which is a shame because, God knows, I could use some distraction. Still, I tell myself that there will be life (and leather) after grad school… I hope…

IMsBB – Izzy

2005izzySponsor: Great Lakes Leather Association Hobbies/Interests: Revolutionary War reenactment, archery, Volkswagens

2013 – Izzy now plies her trade at Stag Barbershop– a traditional barbershop in Milwaukee which specializes in classic men’s cuts and hot, straight razor shaves. Izzy started at Stag in August 2011, and is currently there just one day a week. A classic barbershop might not be a fetish environment, but Izzy’s love of bootblacking transcends just fetish.