IMsL – Jessi HolmanAhart

2005jesiholmanahart22005 – Why do you want to be International Ms Leather?
I am an educator and exhibitionist. I believe passionately that safer behavior is much bigger than a condom and a pack of lube. To me, safety demands the presence and visibility of diversity, women, leather/BSDM folk, and evidence of mutual and self responsibility in the form of lasting commitments. I want to share my understandings and passions within and outside of the leather and gay/lesbian/bi/trans communities.


IMsBB – Suka

2004sukaAs International Ms. Bootblack 2005, my goal was to inspire and encourage at least one person during my title year the way so many of you have reached out to me over the years. I wanted to challenge myself and have something to give back. I’ve heard the phrase “Do Something!” in our community a lot and I would like to add “… and do it with your own sense of style.”
[Ed. note- text is from a letter and not the official bio]