IMsL – Lady Faye

2006ladyfaye2006 – Sponsor: Flesh & Fantasy and The Dallas Eagle
Why do you want to be International Ms Leather?
For years, I have worked in the local leather community helping to promote education, understanding and responsibility. I have not had the opportunity to travel as much as I would have liked due to the fact I had a slave in college for the last few years. I feel strongly as a Mistress I have a responsibility to make certain my save will be able to support herself should something happen to me or should we decide to part ways. So many times in this lifestyle, slaves and submissives find themselves with nothing to fall back on should the Master/slave relationship come to an end. I chose to compete for the International Ms Leather title to help draw further attention to this very important issue.



IMsBB – Alex Bettencourt

2006alexbettencourtMedford, MA
Sponsor: Great Lakes Leather Alliance and Ramrod
Ms. Bootblack 2006 is a boy who can often be found in the dark corner of a bar with polish on her nose. Out and active in the local and regional leather community for eight years, she tries to share her love of boots and bootblacking with her brothers and sisters. At the end of the day when all the boots are blacked, Alex makes her home in the Boston area.

2011 – Since stepping down from International Ms Bootblack 2007, Alex Bettencourt has been a Teamster, sex educator and sex toy salesperson, anti-tobacco lobbyist, professional artist, and, most recently, a case manager serving substance-addicted and at-risk youth. Talking, teaching, and learning from people walking diverse paths, skills also used in fulfillment of the responsibilities of the title have helped Alex be successful in a wide variety of fields. When not counseling or preparing to return to higher education, Alex is making art and fostering a spiritual life in central Massachusetts. Alex is thrilled to be back in San Francisco for IMsL’s 25th anniversary!