IMsL – Sara Vibes

SaraVibes2011Sara Vibes was born and raised in New York City. She is a black, polyamorous, queer, kinky, dandy top heavy princess. Vibes is a musician, writer, sex blogger and educator in training and a star fucker. She was abandoned in a hospital in the Bronx in the late 80’s weighing under two pounds and addicted to crack. She was adopted by a white Jewish women with cerebral palsy from Brooklyn and a black Christian man from Jersey with spina bifida who both passed before she was nine. Vibes’ mother was a social worker and sex therapist who specialized in sex and disability. Her book selections encouraged and influenced Vibes exploration into sex and sexuality.

Vibes is an active member in BDSM and LGBT communities in New York City and beyond.

She is a founding member of Nina Hartley’s, a sex-positive online community, and worked as a curator and contributor of SexWise Magazine. Vibes has been interviewed by Nerve magazine and appeared on Reid Mihalko’s “Queer, Poly, & Under 30″ panel at Dr. Carol Queen’s Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. She has taught with her partner Indigo at Playhouse in Baltimore and recently hosted “Sexxy Game Night” at Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire. She will also be a contributor to Perverts of Color Anthology.
Vibes will be traveling to kink and poly events throughout the year and documenting her experiences on her blog and on her column on Fearless Press, an online magazine on sexuality, relationships, kink and more. Her mission is to make sex education accessible to everyone. She hopes to rip the veil off of the shame surrounding sex and sexuality through self love and exploration with people that care about each other.

IMsBB – kd

kd-colorkd is a radical queer comic artist and bootblack who fuses art with politics, graphics with sex, and education with visuals as a method of altering societal norms and breaking down preconceived notions of gender and sexuality. Her work throughout New England, and across the country at large, has been called “imaginative,” “ambitious,” “fresh,” and “creative.” Her dogmatic approach to comics and art as a transformative experience sets her apart from other artists.

In 2010, kd took her art, queerness, and sex-positive nature to another level, and created SALACIOUS Magazine. SALACIOUS, a queer feminist anti-racist sex magazine, looks to meld high art, stunning visuals, and written erotica. SALACIOUS has been taking over the country by storm, and has been heralded as the next generation’s “On Our Backs.” kd hopes to make SALACIOUS the magazine you keep on your mantle for the rest of your life, and sign into your will for your grandchildren to enjoy.

For kd, being an artist is the gateway that enabled her to become a bootblack. The very nature of leathercare, leather worship, and leather community are all similar and connected to the core of being an artist. kd uses her art as a platform for conversation and education, and similarly uses her bootblacking as a means to support her community, open up dialogues about leather, and get her hands good and dirty.

2013 – Since stepping down from her title in the last year, kd’s life has completely changed. A month after she handed the sash to Tarna, kd moved from Portland, Maine to New York City to expand her art career. Within two months she secured a full-time job designing and producing materials for a theater for families and kids right in the heart of Times Square, while continuing to create and lay-out porn on the side. Designer by day, pornographer by night, kd barely has time to draw anymore except for when she bends the time-space-continuum so she can carry on doodling delicious, smutty, leather-themed art for all of you.