IMsL – Synn

Synn_2012Synn, Ms. Texas Leather 2012, is a Southern Butch Leatherdyke who identifies as a Daddy, Service Top, and Switch. She first discovered Leather in 1996 and has been involved in the community since then. At the beginning of her journey, her work required her to travel extensively. As she visited many of America’s larger cities, she began discovering opportunities to attend munches, meetings, and events which allowed her to receive training and mentorship from a variety of diverse perspectives within the Leather community.

An active player in the Dallas community, Synn is currently a member of Women in Leather-International, National Leather Association-International, and the Sharon St.Cyr Fund. Her favorite kink activities include (but are not limited to!) fire play, rope, edge play, and bondage. She frequently attends events in Texas and other states, and recently served as Head Judge for Mr. Dallas Eagle 2012. She is a steadfast activist for the Deaf and hard of hearing, working to promote the SSC fund and advocate for accessibility in private and public events. Synn is in a committed, open relationship and currently lives with her primary partner and their two goofy dogs and two bossy cats. She is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, and has been a professional chef for twenty-four years. She has been an Executive Chef for eighteen years, and currently works as a corporate chef and a professor of culinary arts in the Dallas area. Synn also provides catering services for local BDSM community organizations from small parties to large events.

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IMsBB – Tarna

Tarna_2012Tarna has been actively involved in the various BDSM/Kink communities for close to 14 years now having been inspired by various books ready in her early teens. Armed with a sense of child like wonder, and boundless curiosity she has spent those years joyfully traveling these crazy, sexy and wonderful realms. Exploring the majority of what came her way from forays into dominance and submission, masochism and sadism, and service; to the joys of canes, humiliation/degradation, rough body play, whips, and most recently cigars.

Most recently her path has brought her the opportunities to become more active within her community by taking part in various fundraising ventures to support various local and international charities, and more recently in the hosting and organizing the Surge munches, which serve leather and kinky women and transfolk.
She also continues to pursue her passion for bootblacking, be it at events through out Ontario and more recently into the United States, at her home bar, the Toronto Black Eagle; or sharing what she has learned over the years with others through workshops and general discussions.

When not blissfully filthy with polish or running amok with friends, this cheeky little devil can either be found deep in conversation at the local leather bar discussing various new recipes, ingredients or cooking techniques and gadgets; or at other quieter times she may be curled up surrounded by cookbooks as she plans her next exciting dinner party, or buried deep in a novel filled with elves, and vampires, and were-creatures …oh my!

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