IMsL – Sahra

smsarhaSahra Shaubach, International Ms Leather 2013, is a married, owned, submissive, fur trader, farmer and supermarket vegetarian living on a hobby farm in Meadow Lakes, Alaska (about an hour and fifteen minutes northwest of Anchorage). Sahra has been in service to the Alaskan community for over 8 years. She organizes Northern Exposure, in association with Foxfinder Productions, Alaska’s only annual kinky education weekend.  In collaboration with The Last Frontier Men’s Club (TLFMC who is also her sponsor), Mad Myrnas and The Raven Far, Sarha hosted the first ever Northern Lights Weekend that featured her sash husband, International Mr Leather, Andy Cross this year in Anchorage.



IMsBB – bella

smbellabella is a slave, regional presenter, bootblack, correspondent, and occasional fetish model who has been active within her community since 2008. She discovered her need for submission at the age of 19 and has continued to seek out relationships with a defined power exchange. Her earliest memories of BDSM are rooted in service, and it remains a primary need within her relationships.

bella has presented demonstrations on varying levels of bootblacking as well as boot worship for Bloomington Kink and Fringe Elements with plans to present in other states in the upcoming months. She supports her community through work with Team Friendly, serving as one of the organizers of Team Friendly Louisville, and she co-produces events in her local area to call attention to the need for an end to stigma. bella can often be seen working at local events or fundraisers as a bootblack or volunteering for any additional tasks where she can be of service. She also serves as a mentor for new bootblacks in her area upon request, leading classes or working individually to encourage curious kinksters to develop their skills and discover new passions.

bella also participates in Louisville’s close-knit but vibrant community, attending and lending support to Leather, Bear, BDSM, and LGBT events alike. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music of all varieties, practicing Zumba, recreating renowned paintings using human canvases, and serving as a mother to her three delightful fur children. She is happy to be in service to her partner of many years and enjoys spending time in his company.

bella is honored to hold the titles of International Ms Bootblack 2013, Great Lakes Bootblack 2012, and Kentucky Bootblack 2009.