IMsL 1995

Contestant Class

A record 19 women arrived in Chicago competed for the first IMsL Contest held outside of San Francisco.

  • Miss Amanda, Lincoln, NB

  • Leslie Anderson, Bosque Farms, NM

  • Pat Baillie, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Janet “Wolf” Blevens, Atlanta, GA

  • Sarah Dishongh, St Louis, MO

  • Lady Dorothy, Denver, CO

  • Suzette Dyanick, Philadephia, PA

  • “Diva” Marie Eytcheson, Albuquerque, NM

  • Greta, Athens, GA

  • Beth Kelley, Madison, WI

  • Khiki, Decatur, GA

  • Cheli Mohammad, San Diego, CA

  • Judi Reese, Reno, NV

  • Rusty Russell, Columbus, OH

  • BJ Ruthstrom, San Francisco, CA

  • Stacey, Brooklyn, NY

  • Cheryl Wilcox, Jacksonville, FL

  • Willow, Albuquerque, NM

  • Zan, Chicago, IL


The following a history of IMsL published in the IMsL 2011 Program Book.  The article was written by Rae with input and assistance from Dr. Gayle Rubin, Amy Marie Meek, Audrey Joseph, Dr. Alex Warner, Lisa G and Glenda Rider.

“By the mid-nineties, after nearly a decade of dedicating their time to producing IMsL, the board and many local volunteers had started to burn out. It was unclear what the future of IMsL would be, or if IMsL would continue at all. In 1994, Amy Marie Meek, IMsL 1993, wrote an impassioned letter to the board, begging them to keep IMsL alive and offering to take over and run the contest herself. The board agreed and sold the right to produce IMsL to Amy Marie for $1 a year for ten years. Amy Marie produced IMsL in 1995 to great acclaim, and she continued to produce IMsL for twelve years, taking it through to the 20th annual contest in 2006.”

With the title now under Bare Images Productions, Inc., the first contest of the second generation was kicked off in Chicago and was extended to a 4 day event, July 20-23, 1995. Workshops, vendors, parties and a brunch were added with the contest on July 22.  Judges were Vi Johnson, Albert Kraus, Lolita, Laura Antoniou, Larry Evertt, Sarah Humble, D’Arcy Von Shultz and Dossie Easton with tallies Mary Dante and Don Bastian.  The program from 1995 includes a prize list and a travel fund for the winner was also provided. This was also the year that the Blood Sisters documentary, which highlighted the women’s leather community, was released.


At the end of the night, pat baillie, who had retired as an Air Force major just two years before, took home the first title outside of San Francisco and brought it back to California and the Bay Area.  Suzette Dyanick was the 1st runner up and Willow was the 2nd runner up.  Pat’s theme was “Celebrate Diversity” and she included during her title year a trip to Amsterdam and judged the Mr European Leather Contest during her year. You can read more about 1995 on IMsL Foundation.

Kink academy did an interview with Pat at the 25 Anniversary on her work.  You can view the interview online.

We need class pictures or any other items from the 1995 contest.  We are looking for pictures or videos from those days and especially the contest.  If you have any of these, please send them to  Do you know where these women are or have a way to contact them?  

IMsL 1995 - Pat Baillie


Pat Baillie recently retired from the Air Force and is enjoying being out and visible in the scene. Coming out into leather in Phoenix, Arizona in 1979 with the Phoenix Leather and Levi Club, pat has been active in her kink and been on the edges of the leather scene for years. She now brings all of her experience as a leader, a teacher and project manager into working with the leather community. She holds the title of Ms LeatherMaster 1995 (which became Ms San Jose Leather 1995 just a few days before IMsL 1995). She is proud to be in service as a boy and looks to expand her sevice to the larger community on the national level