IMsL 1994

  • Emily Coltier, Philadelphia, PA

  • Nickie Boswell, Eagan, MN

  • Anne C.S. Bergstedt, Seattle, WA

  • Jennifer Gilliam, Turlock, CA

  • Beth Elliott, Oakland, CA

  • Dillion Lazaroff, Vancouver, BC

  • Suzie Q, Omaha, NE

  • Mistress Cyd, Toronto, Ontario

  • Cindy Bookout, Oklahoma, OK

  • Hope, San Jose, CA (deceased)

  • Diana Hardick, San Francisco, CA

Contestant Class 


Rolling into 1994, the theme for the 8th year was “Remember…Live the Fantasy” and it was held on March 19, 1994.  The previous 7 IMsL’s (Judy, Shan, Susie, Gabrielle, Kay Blair and Amy) were joined by Emerson Briney, International Drummer 1992-93 were the judges. The event was dedicated to Sheila Courser who had been part of IMsL as a volunteer, board member, strip show extravaganza producer and contestant in 1990. Donations were made in her name to the Lyon-Martin Women’s Health Series – HIV Services for Women in 1994. Entertainment was Skeeter, mimi=freed (who was also the MC), and Fromage.  The contest was produced by Audrey Joseph. The board members were Helen Ruvelas, who had been part of the original group that started IMsL in 1986 (President), Mike Gelpi (Vice President), Erik Olson (Treasurer), Phyllis Zusman (Secretary), and Blair.

Anne (AKA Spencer) won in 1994 with Cindy Bookout as 1st Runner up and Beth Elliott as 2nd Runner up. An article in the Link (NLA’s monthly publication) in May 1994 talked about the contest and Anne’s fantasy .

This was important for this year since Anne was the first IMsL to step down during their title year. On September 13, 1994, Bergstedt resigned as International Ms Leather, and the title passed to Cindy Bookout. (Bergstedt, now known as Spencer Bergstedt, refers to himself as “Mr. IMsL 1994,” and although it is often assumed that the resignation was driven by transgender issues, it wasn’t.)

On September 13, 1994, Bergstedt resigned as International Ms Leather because of differences with the board regarding governance of the organization and sale of the title. The IMsL title passed to Cindy Bookout who completed the 1994 IMsL title year.  When asked about transitioning and his continued involvement with the IMsL organization he said: “while I did transition 9 months after I stepped down from the title, my love and support of IMsL and the women’s Leather community has remained. My history is still my history and I have no need to turn my back on it just because my outsides look different. My fellow alumni have always welcomed me with open hearts and arms as their (now) brother and I am fortunate to experience a lot of support from the overall IMsL community. IMsL serves an important role – not just for the women’s community but for those of us transmasculine folks who have spent time in the women’s community – in helping create understanding, visibility, and camaraderie.” Spencer Bergstedt now refers to himself as “Mr. IMsL 1994” and thinks of he and Cindy as having shared that year.

The last page of the 1994 program also set the date for the 1995 contest as March 18, 1995 in San Francisco.  As 1994 continued the path was about to change.  More on that in the next review of 1995!


IMsL 1994 - Spencer Bergstedt


Washington State Ms Leather 1993 has as her top priorities her wife, her work and her community. An attorney who has been into leather for five years, she has a long list of community accomplishments including being a volunteer attorney for peole with AIDS, serving on the Civil Rights and Minority Law Committees of the Washington State Bar, serving as a board member for the Pride Foundation, local Girl Scout Council and the Alice B. Theatre, She is currently President of NLA: Seattle and is a member of IMsL.

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Interview by Leatherati

Leatherdykes and their Daddies (includes Spencer’s stories)

IMsL 1994 - Cindy Bookout

Ms. Oklahoma Leather ’93 has engaged in SM behavior since she was a child and has always loved leather. She is politically active, and is a certified by the Oklahoma Department of Health as an HIV counselor, tester and HIV/AIDS educator. She has been a judge at the Mr. Oklahoma Leather for the last three years. A shipping clerk, she was the recipient of the 1993 Volunteer of the Year award from the Oklahoma Gay and Lesbian Awards.

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