IMsL 1993

The date was March 20. 1993 and the theme for IMsL 1993 was “On the Edge”.  The program and the contest this year was dedicated to Patrick L. Toner, IML 1985 from San Francisco.  Patrick had been a key part of the support in the local community when IMsL began.  The beneficiary this year was Baker New Place which supported HIV-positive women and men in early recovery from substance abuse.  The MC’s were Shann Carr, IMsL 1988 and Daddy Irwin Kane, Leather Daddy X, Rainbeau and Skeeter were featured in the opening number and the event was produced by Audrey Joseph.

The judges were Lenny Broberg-IML 1992, Blair-IMsL 1992, Pam Meyers-competed in 1992, Ruth Marks, Tova Sewall, and Wickie Stamps.

Amy Marie made Omaha proud that night by winning the title of IMsL 1993. 

Queen Cougar was the 1st Runner up and Donna Shrout was the 2nd Runner up.

The board in 1993 was Ann-Soucy West (President), Frank Strona (Secretary), Mike Hernandez (Treasurer) and Terri Foster (Board Member at Large).

Contestant Class 

  • Jennifer, Sacramento, CA

  • Heidi Bayer, Milpitas, CA (deceased)

  • Amy Marie Meek, Omaha, NB

  • Teresa Bourg, Phoenix, AZ

  • David Dakota Vivian Taylor, St Louis, MO

  • Donna Shrout, San Francisco, CA

  • Queen Cougar, San Francisco, CA

  • Kelly Burlingham, San Francisco, CA

  • Lil Cooper, Newark, CA

IMsL 1993 - Amy Marie Meek


1993 – Sponsored by: Omaha Players’ Club Ms. Leather Nebraska ’92, Lord of the Imperial Court of Nebraska, member of theNLA National Council, National Steering Committee for the March on Washington, and Queer Nation Nebraska. She has been on Pride Week Committees for seven years. She is also co-founder and moderator of the Omaha Players, Club. She also serves on local community organization boards as a Leather Community Liaison, Her interests are political activism, music body modification, painting, and SM education.

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