IMsL 1991

The 5th Anniversary of IMsL (the program says it is the 4th Annual Contest) was held March 23, 1991 with the theme “Under Construction”. The beneficiary was The Women’s Building HIV/AIDS Support Group for Women and they received $750 after the weekend.  Rainbeau returned as part of the entertainment along with Chris Burns and House O’Chics.  Lamar Van Dyke was the Emcee.  The judges were Dorothy Allison, Gabrielle Antolovich, Dragon, Viola Johnson, Deva, and Marie Constance.

Kay Hallanger became the first IMsL who was not from the West Coast.
The board in 1991 was Sky Renfro (President), Ann M Soucy-West (Secretary), Sheila Courser (Treasurer), Joy Schulenberg (Media Coordinator).

Contestant Class 

  • MP Breslin – Atlanta, GA (competed for the 2nd time)

  • Tammy Campbell – Philadelphia, PA (first PA contestant)

  • Carole Ann – San Jose, CA

  • Catrina – Phoenix, AZ

  • C. Collins – San Francisco, CA

  • B. Daughtry – Chicago, IL (first IL contestant)

  • Kay Hallanger – Chicago, IL (first IL contestant)

  • Saliee Mallard Huber – Tacoma, WA

  • Jana – Sacramento, CA

  • J. Knight – Minneapolis, MN

  • D’Arcy von Schultz – Chicago, IL (first IL contestant)

  • Diane Suissa – Charlotte, NC (competed for the 2nd time)

IMsL 1991 - Kay Hallinger


A resident of Bloomington, Indiana, Kay holds the title of North Halsted Ms Leather, 1991. Recently separated from the military, she first came out as an SM dyke in 1983 at the Michigan Music Festival, though she considers her 20+ years of motorcycling to be a primary expression of her leather lifestyle. She has bee involved with Indiana Cares (HIV/AIDS organization,) the American Uniform Association, and the Open Road Riders of Chicagoland. When she is not caring for her 19 cats and 5 dogs she enjoys running, body building and rappelling.

Kay was sponsored by Manhole and Vortex, Chicago