IMsL Foundation Grants 

Watch for our 2020 Grant Dates here!

Requirements for funding applications


1.    Event submits via email (which will be transferred over to jotform application in 2020) any new or revived that are open to women.

2.    Grants to support stepping down titleholder projects during their year as board members - support for events they sponsor/organize during their year on the board (grants vary)

3.    Top Presenter recognition - the top 20%-50% of presenters based on the after workshop evaluation are considered the top presenters (based on available budget). They are provided with $150 honorarium (starting in 2019 - it was $100 prior to this) or a hotel night if they attend and present the next year

An overview of the current funding decision-making process and who makes the decisions:


Originally, the board had a designated line item that the Board President could spend up to for these grants at the rate of $150.

In mid 2016, the board requested to review and vote on each event and there is a motion/second, discussion and vote on each one. The event is then notified by the board president of the result and the funds are sent.


This year we are more formally requesting events to give us how they used the grant at the event (sash/patch, advertising etc), use our Foundation logo for the event and to send us photos with releases for the women contestants/winners.


An additional enhancement was discussed but has not been approved for 2020 was to increase underserved communities (either producers or outreach to BIPOC, Under 35, Trans Women or Accessbility) to $250. Additionally, we have used grants to fund the stepping down titleholder year work that they are doing in the community

Foundation's funding initiatives and recipients since 2015

  • Mar 2019 - Leatherwomen of Color Contest - $200 (awaiting payment info)

  • Nov 2018 - Ms Phoenix Leather - $150

  • Nov 2018 - Tri State Leather Ms Contest - $150

  • Nov 2018 - MX Virginia Leather Contest - $150

  • May 2018 - QWOCMAP Sponsor for Girl Complex for stepping down board member project - $262.50

  • October 2017 - Goldilocks Title, Kentucky - $150

  • August 2017 - Madame Cuir, Montreal - $150

  • August 2017 - Top Presenter honorarium grant - $100

  • April 2017 - QWOCMAP Sponsor for Liaison support - $150

  • October 2016 - First South Africa Bootblack - $150

  • July 2016 - WILL Camera grant - $150

  • July 2016 - Under 35 Liaision Grant to present at GLLA - $150

The funding grant program started in 2016. To date only one grant has not been funded to the a Girls of Leather event in Florida since it supported the Boys of Leather. We had two other requests that came in Mar 2019 that failed based on lack of quorum on the board vote.