IMsLBB Education 2019

The foundation solicits for the workshop proposals and creates an 11 person panel who reviews the proposals which include the education committee (Lenny & Julie), Board reps (in 2019 that was Tony and Pat), Sharrin (as IMsL Productions) and the 5 liaisons (Butch, Jewel, Mara & Deb, and Tabitha). Each member rates the workshop (we get between 80-140 proposals each year) on their own based on 5 point scale in the following areas (possible 5 points/max of 30 points):

Is the topic likely to be of interest to the attendees?

Is it different from the other workshop submissions?

Is this an intermediate or advanced workshop?

Does the structure of the workshop include a significant learning activity?

Does the workshop consider PoC, Trans Women, Under 35 and Accessibility Needs?

Is the presenter experienced and knowledgeable of this topic (this included self identification in the liaison community groups)?


Scores are submitted and then a committee meeting is held to discuss the workshop and propose the top ones for the weekend. The education committee then invites the first round choices and creates a stand by list for the next tier to fill in if workshops drop out. There are also pre-submission and pre-event workshops that are conducted via webinar and recorded that include liaison specific suggestions for presenting at IMsLBB - recordings of these session are available for review.