Generation 3

By 2006, after running IMsL for 12 years, Amy Marie was ready to hand off IMsL/ IMsBB and have someone else take the event into its next phase. Amy Marie considered her options very carefully and an agreement was made with a community friend of 15 years, Glenda Rider. Glenda was selected for her experience, network connections, and true heartfelt passion for IMsL and the leather community as a whole.

In 2007, IMsL made a triumphant return to its roots in the heart of San Francisco and remained at that location until 2013. In 2007 Glenda ran IMsL with the year-round assistance and effort of her then-partner and co-producer, Levi Halberstadt, as well as the efforts of Darryl Flick and Celeste Devenaux. Levi’s contributions cannot be overstated as he brought both vision and day to day managerial skills to the project, keeping it on track throughout the return to San Francisco. Glenda has also been supported by a committed volunteer staff comprised largely of her friends and family. In 2008, tomo joined the team of Producers, bringing with her a wealth of organizational experiences and project management skills. Ms Rhonda, who had been on staff since the event’s return to the Bay Area, was added to the team of Producers in 2010 to draw from her extensive performance and production experience. Levi retired as a producer after the 2010 event, IMsL ran with three Producers in 2011 and 2012. The 25th Anniversary of the International Ms Leather Contest in 2011 featured the creation of a video titled Sisterhood of the Sash which included interviews and panels with 16 previous IMsLs returning to San Francisco to tell their stories and celebrated a quarter of a century of Leatherwoman history. 

After the 2012 contestant, another long time staff member who had been the lead in registration and marketing, Sharrin Spector joined the Producers to make a fourth. Sharrin brought major renovations to media, marketing, registration and worked on adding new events to the weekend.  With the four producers and the continued support of an amazing volunteer staff that works year round, the contest grew and attendance by 2013 neared 800. Contestants over the years with Glenda in San Francisco hailed from the United States, Canada and Australia. In 2013, the 8 bootblacks returned and were able to celebrate the 15thAnnual International Ms Bootblack and began work on their documentary video entitled High Shine.