IMsL & IMsBB 1999


Contestant Class

There were 14 IMsL contestants (with three returning contestants) and 4 IMsBB contestants for the first year:

  • Lorri Lind, New Orleans, LA

  • Marilyn Dickman, San Leandro, CA

  • Crickett Watkins, Chula Vista, CA

  • Michele Smith, Owings Mills, MD

  • Peggy (aka O), New York City, NY

  • Faye Foltz, Long Beach, CA

  • Suzy Koenigs, San Diego, CA

  • Laurie Aguinaga, San Jose, CA

  • Mario Lorenzi, Calrissa, MN

  • Kathryn, Albuquerque, NM

  • Pam Meyer, San Francisco, CA (2nd time)

  • Vikki Clark, Omaha, NE

  • Stacey, Brooklyn, NY (2nd time)

  • Sybil King, Orlando, FL (2nd time)

  • (BB) Stacie E. Herbert, New Orleans, LA

  • (BB) Lenny, Toluca Lake, CA

  • (BB) Leslie Anderson, Bosque Farms, NM

  • (BB) Deb Preseton, Portland, OR


The XIII IMsL arrived in Las Vegas, NV on July 16-18, 1999 and also was the site for the first International Ms Bootblack (IMsBB) contest.  You can read about how Amy Marie championed this effort in the Bootblack History on the IMsL Foundation web site. Another highlight of the weekend was the Telling Our Stories reception, hosted by Joseph Bean and Catherine Gross that was a celebration of the stories that Megan had collected during her title year.

The Judges were Herve Bernard,  Marcus Henrandez, Kate Bornstein, Rose Vergara, Judy Taillwing-McCarthey, Joanne Gaddy, and Audrey Joseph,  The Tallymasters were Ryan Goldner and Scott Reikofski.  The MC’s were Sarah and Tony Mills.  The event was held at the World Trade Center Hotel and the travel fund garnered $10,170 from the basket auction, more than at last year’s contest.


As the results came in, IMsL 1999 was named Pam Meyer (1st Runner Up was Cricket and 2nd Runner Up was Peggy (aka O) and the first IMsBB was Leslie Anderson.


Pam was only the second contestant to win IMsL who was from San Francisco. More details on the contestants and the contest can be found online


You can read more about Pam in her Tristan Taormino interview for On Our Backs and  the Village Voice .  Also check out Steve Lenius’s article in Leather Life.

IMsL 1999 - Pam Meyer


Sponsored by: Ms. SF Leather, Beth Downey, Uncle Bert’s Place & Worn Out West I feel my experience and my knowledge of what has transpired in my own local community and in my travels to other communities has given me something to pass on to those who are interested in the leather movement, and to hopefully inspire others.

IMsBB 1999 - Leslie Anderson


Bosque Farms, NM
Sponsor: ABLE Productions and Sandia Leatherwomen & Leathermen

 Long ago and far away, Leslie Anderson made her SPLASH….insert your pun here……..onto the Leather scene. First with the Sandia Leathermen and Leatherwomen, then with the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico. Leslie was Ms New Mexico Leather in 1996, and President and Producer of New Mexico Leather events. In 1997,


Leslie became the American Leatherwoman. If that wasn’t enough….Leslie won the 1st International Ms Bootblack in 1999. Nowadays, Leslie resides in Chicago, IL and prefers to call herself the founding member of RIBB (Retired International Bootblack) and slave to her 7 year old African Grey named Chicken. He’s one demanding Top.


All year long, Leslie plots and plans for being contestant handler extraordinaire at IML…..and it takes another 12 months to recover from all those fine hunks of Leathermen. When asked what the one thing she knows for sure, the response is, “life is ALWAYS a work in progress…..and when it no longer is… isn’t.”