IMsL & IMsBB 2001

IMsL/IMsBB Weekend moved the southernmost city in the history of the event in 2001 to celebrate the 15th Anniversary in Dallas, TX! Judges for this anniversary were Mistress Mir, Phyll “Fluffy” Swenson, P.J. Knight, Dean Walradt, Kay Hallanger, Lynda Blakeslee and Pat Baillie. Returning for a third year, the Tallymasters were Ryan Goldner and Scott Reikofski.  The MC’s were Connie Cox and Bruce Chopnik (Sparky). The theme was Gettin’ Down & Dirty.

Contestant Class

There were 9 IMsL contestants and 2 IMsBB contestants in 2001:

  • Linda L. Cox, Denver, CO

  • Miss Barbrafish, Toronto, Ontario, CAN

  • Melanie Toews, Spring Valley, CA

  • Kim Williams, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Joni Perrie, Springfield, VA

  • SiNSy Moon, Louisville, KY

  • Patricia Crossan, Philadephia, PA

  • Ms Peter, Las Vegas, NV

  • Cassandra Miller, Anchorage, AK

  • (BB) Charlie Flake, Denver, CO

  • (BB) sue, Las Vegas, NV


International Ms Leather 2001 is Joni, who last year won the Ms. Olympus Leather 2000 title and who hails from Springfield, VA. First runner-up honors went to Linda L. Cox, Rocky Mountain Leatherwoman from Denver, and the second runner-up was Miss Barbrafisch from Toronto. Charlie Flake from Denver CO won the International Ms Bootblack contest, with first runner up honors going to sue from Las Vegas. The 2001 program back cover mentioned that 2002 would be held in San Jose, CA.  It took another 12 year for that to happen but be sure to keep reading the IMsL history to find out why!

We need class pictures or any other items from the 2001 contest.  We are looking for pictures or videos from those days and especially the contest.  If you have any of these, please send them to

IMsL 2001 - joni perry


Sponsored by Pantheon of Leather and Dave Rhodes

Why do you want to be International Ms Leather?

A lady friend came to me after winning Ms. Georgia Olympus and said “Thank you for doing what we all wish we could.” For my sisters in leather who come to our community daily, carrying the same or worse baggage as I, I wish to pass on to them the hands and hearts of strength and wisdom, I am a survivor because these same gifts were given to me. I left the rape and anger behind, and beat the breast cancer, and I am still growing and learning, I would like to be the facilitator who helps our leather sisters see the commonalities and strengths instead of differences and problems.

2010 – Since my title year I have had the great honor of becoming Daddy’s girl. I am part of a great family, They have supported me through a couple cancer recurrences and some life changing events here. I am very blessed to be Daddy Tobin’s girl. I look forward to seeing everyone at IMsL.

IMsBB - Charlie Flake


Denver, CO
Sponsor: The Denver Triangle