IMsL & IMsBB 2002

From Steve Lenius and Leather Life “After being held in a different city every year since 1995, IMsL has officially settled down in Omaha, where its producer and much of its staff live. Host hotel and major stomping ground for the weekend was the Best Western Redick Plaza in downtown Omaha.” IMsL/IMsBB Weekend had been announced in 2001 as going to San Jose, CA but due some business considerations and Bare Images over the next year, the contest moved to its permanent home in Omaha, NB in 2002.

Judges were Stephanie Locke, Jean Bendick, Kay Hallanger, Sarah Humble, Thom Dombkowski, Pat Baillie and Daniel Barron. Returning for a fourth year, the Tallymasters were Ryan Goldner and Scott Reikofski.  The MC’s were Connie Cox and Glenda Rider. The theme was “Rumble in the Jungle”.

Contestant Class

There were 6 IMsL contestants (with one returning) and 2 IMsBB contestants in 2002:

  • Kandace Benish, In Program but did not seem to compete?

  • Rebecca Harbert, Ohio

  • Russ Cosgrove, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Lynda Elaine, Atlanta, GA

  • Lynn BlackWolf, Texas

  • Vendela Zane (2nd time), Baltimore, MD

  • Kari LaVecchia, Washington, DC

  • slaveboi eddie, Los Angeles, CA


The program paid tribute to Amanda Long, Ms Nebraska Leather 1995 who had died over the last year. According to Steve, “Saturday evening’s IMsL contest and show was held at the Club Joy, three blocks from the host hotel. Emcees Glenda Ryder from Baltimore and Connie from New York City kept things moving briskly, and the contestants’ fantasy performances connected well with the audience. Cosgrove performed a leather-discovery fantasy with the help of mentor and fellow Calgary resident Barry Gillardi. Lynn’s flogging fantasy, in which she flogged someone while also being flogged, moved the audience to enthusiastic applause.”

The article continues “Finally it was time to sash the evening’s winners. A beaming grin came over LaVecchia’s face as she heard her name announced as the new International Ms Bootblack. Then the IMsL winners were announced: 2nd runner-up, Lynda Elaine; 1st runner-up, Rebecca Harbert; and the new International Ms Leather 2002, Russ Cosgrove—the first IMsL from outside the United States. (Producer Meek-DeJarlais was heard exulting, “It’s really an international title now!”).”   Russ also joined Jill Carter (1996) and Genelle Moore (1997) identifying as the third black IMsL and the 6th woman of color to hold the IMsL title!

We need class pictures or any other items from the 2002 contest.  We are looking for pictures or videos from those days and especially the contest.  If you have any of these, please send them to


IMsL 2002 - Russ Cosgrove


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Calgary is lacking female Leather representatives. Calgary also needs to see that there is more to the Leather lifestyle then what they see at home. Having a hometown girl come home with the title would do much to boost the community. As well the larger community needs to be reminded that Canada does indeed have an active Leather community. This title will also help to further my education in the leather lifestyle.