IMsL & IMsBB 2005

July 15-17, 2005 in Omaha celebrating the 19th IMsL and 7th IMsBB competition.  in Omaha July 15-17! The Judges were Tamara Parker, Rik Newton-Treadway, Vicki Knight, Dossie Easton, Levi, Kayte and Craig Heslop. The Tally Masters were Glenda Rider and Dick Brown with Judges boy, Joe Welch.  Entertainment was provided by Dossie Easton, a San Francisco-based author, family therapist and leatherdyke.  Anybody remember who the MC’s were that year? The theme was “Think you brought it? Prove it!”.

Contestant Class

There were 4 IMsL contestants and 1 IMsBB contestants in 2005:

  • Eddy, Columbus, OH

  • Jessi Holman Ahart, Baltimore, MD

  • Victoria

  • Lady Faye, Dallas, TX

  • Suka, Chicago, IL

jessi 2005.jpg

According to Leather Life, the weekend’s action centered around the host hotel, Omaha’s Redick Plaza. Friday evening started with a meet-and-greet and basket auction. The IMsL contest and show took place Saturday afternoon at The Max, a gay bar two blocks from the Redick. Read about their fantasies in Steve’s report.

She performed a breathtaking recitation of her own poem, “Do Me.” This was followed by the traditional IMsL best-tattoo contest.  According to The Leather Journal – Jessi Holman Ahart was named International Ms Leather 2005 and Suka Malone collected enough ballots from IMsL 2005 registrants to become International Ms Boot Black 2005 at The Max in Omaha, NE on Saturday night, July 16 in front of about 125 cheering spectators. At the closing Victory Brunch on Sunday morning, contest producers Amy Marie and Megan Meek-deJarlais (IMsL ’93 and ’98, respectively) reminded the crowd that next year will be IMsL’s 20th anniversary.

We need class pictures or any other items from the 2005 contest.  We are looking for pictures or videos from those days and especially the contest.  If you have any of these, please send them to

IMsL 2005 - Jessi Holman Ahart


Why do you want to be International Ms Leather?

I am an educator and exhibitionist. I believe passionately that safer behavior is much bigger than a condom and a pack of lube. To me, safety demands the presence and visibility of diversity, women, leather/BSDM folk, and evidence of mutual and self responsibility in the form of lasting commitments. I want to share my understandings and passions within and outside of the leather and gay/lesbian/bi/trans communities.

IMsBB 2005 -Suka