IMsL & IMsBB 2007

Contestant Class

There were 6 IMSL contestants with one returning contestant and 4 IMsBB contestant in 2007:

  • Lauren Ide, Phoenix, AZ

  • Ms Boots, Fort Worth, TX

  • Shdiva Black, East Bay, CA

  • Joanna Millhouse, Baltimore, MD

  • Lady Justice, Ohio

  • Joanne G, Lancaster, CA

  • Blast, San Francisco, CA

  • boy cat, Dallas, TX

  • Boi Moe, Phoenix, AZ

  • Ms V, Point Richmond, CA


The 21st IMsL and 9th IMsBB Weekend came back to San Francisco with the advent of Generation 3 of the Producers of IMsL under Glenda Rider.  The dates were April 5-8 at the Gateway Holiday Inn on Van Ness. Over 100 volunteers worked to get the job done for the many attendees who came out in their leather finest.

The date had moved back to the spring and the judging panel was expanded for both the IMsL and IMsBB contests.  Judges for IMsL in 2006 were Sarah Humble, Jill Carter, slave ziggy, Chuck Renslow, Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt, Vic Germany and Will Clark. The Tally Master was Joe Gallagher and the judge’s pup was slave pug. The IMsBB judges were Alex Bettencourt, Cristo and Bootdog.  There was also a secret judge added to the bootblack contest who was later named as Pat Baillie, IMsL 1995. The Tally Masters were Henry James and boy jean. The Emcees were Shann Carr and Donna Sachet. The Beneficiaries for the weekend were LA&M, NCSF, Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, and the Titleholder Travel Fund.


The 2007 winners for IMsL were (L. to R;): Shdiva Black (1st runner-up), Lauren Ide (Intl. Ms. Leather 07) and Joanne G. 2nd runner-up. Ms V was the winner of the 2007 IMsBB contest!

We need class pictures or any other items from the 2007 contest.  We are looking for pictures or videos from those days and especially the contest.  If you have any of these, please send them to

Glenda Rider as the new executive producer announced plans to return to San Francisco for the 2007 weekend – on to Generation 3 and thanks for the work and passion of Generation 1 & 2 to get us here to celebrate the 30th!

IMsL 2007 - Lauren Ide


 Lauren is a poly-queer-switch and has been an active participant in the Leather and BDSM tribes for 12 years.  Born and raised in Buffalo NY, she spent 9 years in Colorado and now calls the desert around Phoenix Arizona her home.  Lauren’s both slave and Sir and flags gray, black, red and purple.  Her spirituality is present in everything she does from service to blood ritual.  Professionally she’s a Medical Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher.  Lauren is honored to serve her community as the first and current Southwest Ms. Leather 2006.

IMsBB - Ms. V