IMsL & IMsBB 2009

Contestant Class

There were 3 IMSL contestants with one returning contestant and 3 IMsBB contestant in 2009:

  • Lamalani, Seattle, WA

  • Mina De Sade-Fatale, Los Angeles, CA

  • Sarah Sloane, Washington, DC

  • BB- Pony, Chicago, IL

  • BB- slave Tabitha, Phoenix, AZ

  • BB- X-ina, Tulsa, OK


MsL/IMsBB 2009 Weekend moved back to March 19-22 and the host hotel remained the Gateway Holiday Inn in San Francisco.

 The Producers this year were Glenda Rider, Levi Halberstadt, and tomo.  


The IMsL judges were Sarah Humble, Skeeter, Lauren, slave Alia, Darryl Flick, Andrea Zanin, and Van Darkholme. The IMsL Contest Tallymasters were Joe Gallagher and Ms. Margaret Anderson aka KitNboots.


The IMsBB judges were Linda “Bootpig” Hall, Henry James and Vick Germany with IMsBB Tallymasters, Andrew “Bootdog” Johnson and Tim Starkey.   


The contest night was a sell out! The Beneficiaries for the weekend were LA&M, NCSF, GLBT Historical Society, and the Titleholder Travel Fund.  The Emcee’s over the weekend were S. Bear Bergman, Alotta Boutte, Lolita Wolf, cru, and Skeeter!


The 2009 Winners were, Lamalani as International Ms Leather and Pony as Int’l. Ms. Bootblack 2009.

We need class pictures or any other items from the 2009 contest.  We are looking for pictures or videos from those days and especially the contest.  If you have any of these, please send them to

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IMsL 2009 - Lamalani


 Lamalani hails from the Pacific Northwest and is Washington State Ms. Leather 2008.  She has been active in the leather community since 1999 when she started teaching workshops through the women-owned sex toy store Babeland (formerly Toys in Babeland).  

Professionally, Lamalani makes hemp bondage rope with Twisted Monk.  Lamalani has presented at Desire Leatherwomen’s conference, Michigan Womyn’s Festival, Portland Bad Girls and offers private classes around the Puget Sound area.  She is an enthusiastic practitioner of rope bondage, fire play and roughhousing.


Lamalani volunteers as a self-defense instructor with Home Alive and relaxes by playing percussion and riding her motorcycles.

IMsBB 2009 - Pony

pony is one of two bootblacks in residence at the Leather Rose in Chicago. She was named Kentucky Bootblack in 2006 and was the runner up at the GLLA 2006 Bootblack contest. pony has a Masters of Divinity degree from an accredited theological seminary and is an ordained Minister in a mainline Christian denomination. She has taught classes in Bootblacking and/or ponyplay at Leather Retreat, Anything for Love, LRA Chicago, KUFS, KISS, and the Fort Wayne Munch. pony is an associate member of the Louisville Trailblazers. She is owned by “Min” of Chicago.