IMsL & IMsBB 2010

Contestant Class

There were 8 IMSL contestants with one returning contestant and 2 IMsBB contestant in 2010:

  • Cathy, Southwest

  • Cowboi Jen, Philadephia, PA

  • Donna, Lady of Light, San Diego, CA

  • Genesis Aurora, OR

  • Lady Minx, Dallas, TX

  • Miss Rae, Southeast

  • Mollena (Mo) Williams, San Francisco, CA

  • Morgaine, NJ

  • BB-Jayson DaBoi, Albuquerque, NM

  • BB-Luna, VA


The 24th IMsL and the 12th IMsBB was April 15-18 at the Gateway Holiday Inn in San Francisco.  The Producers this year were Glenda Rider, Levi Halberstadt, Ms Rhonda and tomo.  The IMsL judges were Sarah Humble, Allena Gabosch, Graylin Thornton, Hobbit, Jeffrey Payne, Ms Margaret Anderson and Sir Top. The tallies were Joe Gallagher and Gauge Strongarm. The IMsBB judges were Q, boy alex, and Elegant with IMsBB Tallymasters, Tim Starkkey and David Shorey.

The Beneficiaries for the weekend were LA&M, NCSF, GLBT Historical Society, Venus Playground and the Titleholder Travel Fund. The Emcee’s over the weekend were S. Bear Bergman, Alotta Boutte, Lolita Wolf, cru, and Q!


International Ms. Leather 2010 contest. Top Row is the first runner-up Donna, Lady of Light and the winner Mollena. Bottom row is the winner of International Ms Bootblack, Jayson DaBoi, Pony (IMsBB 2009), Miss Rae, second runner up for IMsL and Lamalani (IMsL 2009).

IMsL 2010 - Mollena (Mo) Williams


Mollena (Mo) Williams, ‘Delicate, Trembling Flower of Submission’ © is a NYC born and raised writer, actress, BDSM Educator and Executive Pervert. She is extremely honored, humbled and proud to serve as Ms. San Francisco Leather 2009. Active in BDSM since 1996, she speaks at Leather events across the US on many kinkcentric topics.


A founding member of Crowded Fire Theater Company, she blogs on Mo is also author of the upcoming ‘Toybag Guide: Taboo Play’ and of the essay ‘BDSM and Playing with Race’ which appears in the ‘Best Sex Writing 2010’.

IMsBB 2010 - Jason DaBoi