IMsL & IMsBB 2011

It is 2011 and IMsL is 25 years old!  The IMsBB is 13 years old! 

The celebration was held, April 14-17 in San Francisco at the Gateway Holiday Inn. Many fundraising events were held to fund alumni travel to the event and a film was created titled “Sisterhood of the Sash” to recognize the history of the event. A year long fundraiser also created “A Room of Her Own” that was opening at the Leather Archives & Museum over the IML weekend in May 2011.  


Producers were Glenda Rider, Ms Rhonda and tomo.


The IMsL judges were Sarah Humble, Lamalani, Tyler, Jo Arnone, Dave Rhodes, Sharrin Spector and Rose White. The tallies were Gauge Strongarm and Lance Holman. The IMsBB judges were Pony, Tim Starkey and red warrior.  The IMsBB Tallymasters were David Shorey and Bryan.  The secret judge was also part of the judging panel for the IMsBBs! Gayle Rubin was the keynote speaker.

The Beneficiaries for the weekend were LA&M, NCSF, GLBT Historical Society, Venus Playground, By the Grace of George and the Titleholder Travel Fund.  The Emcee’s over the weekend were Darryl, Queen Cougar, Alotta Boutte, Jo Arnone, Lady Hilary, and Shann Carr!

Contestant Class

There were 4 IMSL contestants with one returning contestant and 4 IMsBB contestant in 2011:

  • Jessi Strucaly, Pittsburgh, PN

  • Sara Vibes, New York City, NY

  • Tamale

  • Tracy Wolf, San Francisco, CA

  • BB-kd, New England

  • BB-Margaret, Louisina

  • BB-Luna, NYC

  • BB-slave Tabitha, Phoenix, AZ


IMsL 2011 - Sara Vibes


Sara Vibes was born and raised in New York City. She is a black, polyamorous, queer, kinky, dandy top heavy princess. Vibes is a musician, writer, sex blogger and educator in training and a star fucker. She was abandoned in a hospital in the Bronx in the late 80’s weighing under two pounds and addicted to crack. She was adopted by a white Jewish women with cerebral palsy from Brooklyn and a black Christian man from Jersey with spina bifida who both passed before she was nine. Vibes’ mother was a social worker and sex therapist who specialized in sex and disability. Her book selections encouraged and influenced Vibes exploration into sex and sexuality.

Vibes is an active member in BDSM and LGBT communities in New York City and beyond.

She is a founding member of Nina Hartley’s, a sex-positive online community, and worked as a curator and contributor of SexWise Magazine. Vibes has been interviewed by Nerve magazine and appeared on Reid Mihalko’s “Queer, Poly, & Under 30″ panel at Dr. Carol Queen’s Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. She has taught with her partner Indigo at Playhouse in Baltimore and recently hosted “Sexxy Game Night” at Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire. She will also be a contributor to Perverts of Color Anthology.

Vibes will be traveling to kink and poly events throughout the year and documenting her experiences on her blog and on her column on Fearless Press, an online magazine on sexuality, relationships, kink and more. Her mission is to make sex education accessible to everyone. She hopes to rip the veil off of the shame surrounding sex and sexuality through self love and exploration with people that care about each other.

IMsBB 2011 - kd