IMsBB & IMsL 2018

Contestant Class

Contestants 2018.jpg

IMsBB Contestants

  • Bootblack KL

  • Red

  • Vivian

  • Brynn Beitzel

  • Teagan

IMsL Contestants

  • Tig

  • Sir Dom

  • Princess Jinnie

  • Jesbian

  • girl ang

  • Carla Whitehurst

Winners IMsBB 2018 Teagan & IMsL 2018 girl ang
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alumni 2018.jpg

Pronoun: she

Home: Oakland, California

Favorite Words: Wesco, Huberd's, Transsexual, Ketchup

Favorite Color: Black

Hobbies: Campy Horror Films, Bowling, Poker & Crytocurrency

Teagan fell in love with bootblacking at a young age, doing her shoes before church. Although these days her skills are often being put to more salacious uses, down deep she still identifies as a spiritual bootblack. For her, bootblacking harkens back to the foot-washing ritual. She enjoys providing a humble service to her community. Teagan is Southern California Bootblack 2016 and Southwest Bootblack 2017. During her title year as Southwest Bootblack she invited our community to “Take Refuge” in the capable hands of our bootblacks




Instagram: imsbb2018


2018 IMsBB Teagan

2018 IMsL girl ang

Pronoun: She

Home: Castlemaine VIC Australia

Favorite Words: Extravagant, Existential, Extraordinary & Excite

Favorite Color: Black

Pets: Chevy my cat!

girl ang is a rugged Femme hedonistic switch, service oriented Leather woman based in Melbourne, Australia. Her kinks include squirting, fisting, energy exchange, sensation play, tea parties, leather and latex. She is passionate about the leatherwork she has created over the last 2.5 years through her business Little Miss Leather. girl ang is well into her psychology degree and completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in 2011; she loves to learn and share knowledge. She chooses happiness and is an insatiable flirt.

View my Contestant Speech here!




Instagram: girlang

Fetlife: girlang


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